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Be original. Be you. 

Black Flamingo provides skincare solutions inspired by modern and ancient remedies.  We believe that everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful in their skin.


That's why we're committed to creating skincare products that cater to every skin type.  We use ethically sourced, fair trade natural materials that are expertly crafted to match the needs of our customers. 

About Us: About Us

The Founders

Meet the sisters behind Black Flamingo: Mariam & Mona.

Skincare is something they have both been passionate about from a young age. From Mona mixing and trying different natural remedies, to Mariam trying out every new trend.

Growing up their mother would always make Friday the “self care” day. It was a normal part of their lives and culture. However, they only truly appreciated the good skincare habits they learned later in life.

The sisters who have both lived in the UAE for over two decades, have been following the ongoing trend of consumers returning to basics in health and beauty.* Which is why they believe the time is right for a quality skincare brand in the region, catering specifically to this need.

Their flagship Qasil Collection made from the locally grown Gob tree, is natural, ethically sourced and most importantly very effective for all skin types and issues.

The nomadic tribes of East Africa have been using Qasil for hygiene and beauty for centuries and it is well entrenched in the culture, but outside of the region people are unaware of it’s incredible properties and Black Flamingo aims to change that.

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